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exquisite messiness

the (non linear) trajectory of a beautiful, messy life

Sometimes impaired, geeky,queer, binary smashing, semi hippie femme woman.

I like to befriend new LJ folks who are into dialogue and communication that is mutually respectful. If you don't agree with me, let's talk about it. Let's have a discussion about different ways of thinking and being in the world. There is enough drama and judgment in this world and I don't engage with it.

The content of my blog celebrates the messy nature of life - blogging about everything from the so-called mundane aspects of life to political rants. I used to hate writing because it was constructed as something I wasn't 'capable of' but now I write as much as I can and it's a healing outlet. Since I wasn't taught properly as a child, sometimes I have atrocious grammar and syntax. Older and wiser, now I like to deconstruct and problematize teaching methods that privilege students who appear to be more ‘able' and exclude those who appear to be 'unable.'
academics, activism, alix olsen, anne of green gables, anti classism, ballet, bbc radio one, bdsm, beautiful intentions, better than chocolate, birkenstocks, bladder health, body piercing, bondage, books, bourdieu, boys don't cry, buffy, butches, camping, class based analysis, co-parenting, concerts, creating community, critical thinking, dancing, danya manning, disability culture, disability rights, disability studies, discourse analysis, dj culture, doria roberts, drag kings, dykes, eli clare, emancipatory research, england, erotica, ethical sluts, exhibitionists, exile and pride, feminism, feminist disability studies, femmes, food, foucault, gender fucking, grounded theory, hai, hair, hair dye, halerpin, healing, human rights, ice skating, indian food, intersectionality, kink, kinnie starr, kylie minogue, le tigre, leisha hailey, leslie feinburg, literature, madonna, masturbation, mel c, ministry of sound, movies, non biological family, nudity, old skool ravers, on our backs, pagans, parenting outside the norm, paul okenfold, philosophy, play piercing, politics, polyamory, porn, pretty bi boys, processing, procrastination, progressive house, public display of affection, public sex, pussy cats, qualitative research methods, queer as folk, queer culture, queer parenting, queer theory, rave culture, remixes, resisting assimilation, resisting normativity, rituals, sarah maclachlan, sasha, self-care, sex activism, sex and sexuality, sex and the city, sex parties, sex positive, sharing, shoes, social model of disability, spice girls, summer, sushi, swearing, taking back the night, techno, thai, the butchies, the history of sexuality, the l word, therapy, toys, trance, trans rights, travel, uh huh her, vegans, veggies, wicca, womyn, writing, yoga